Corinne propose you…..


Back massage in Essential oil (30mn) 40€
Relieve the back pain, the help(assistant) to the relaxation(slackening) of the tensions …

cranial Massage (20mn in 30mn) 40€
Looseness of shoulders, nape of the neck, skull and face:procure the real relaxation a real relaxation(slackening)..

Massage bends plantaire and legs in Essential oil (Ideal for heavy legs) (20mn in 30mn) 40€
Just by massing(massaging) this part(party) the whole body relaxes eliminate the stress.. Relieve legs …

Massage "REIKI" (60mn) 70€
Deep relaxation. Work on the energies..
Calm and calms down, improves the sleep … Dissolved the blockings … " A MAGNIFICENT MOMENT "


Massage Well Be in essential oil (45mn) 60€
Body massage, 45mn of relaxation in a felted and relaxed atmosphere, one moment only to one …

Massage Well Be in essential oil (60mn) 75€
Body massage + cranial massage or voute plantaire (in the choice)

Massage Well Be in Essential oil (75mn) 90€
Body massage, cranial massage or voute plantaire … .the HAPPINESS!!!!

Massage relaxing for women Encircled without essential oil (45mn) 60€
A soft and relaxing massage to relieve your body during this wonderful period. But sometimes painful …


" Initiation into the massage " " A GOOD MOMENT TOGETHER " for 2 ( 2h1 / 2 ) 140€
Learn to mass(massage) your partners, companions(journeymen) at the house!!!
After working day or simply for the pleasure the relaxation … What oils?? What gesture(movement)??
In 2:30 am you will learn bases and you will receive a massage in more ..

Massage Well Be in the hot coconut oil (60mn): 75€
….. A pure delight …!!!!!!



Applications of compresses of herbs (45mn) 70€
Ancestral Thai method, the hot compresses get an incomparable well-being.
Applied mainly to the back shoulders and nape of the neck..
The result(profit) is a deep muscular relaxation, a great(tremendous) revitalization!!!!

In 06/62/46/79/06 or 04/73/88/53/78